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In the era of pervasive wireless connectivity, organizations increasingly rely on WiFi networks to power their digital operations and provide seamless experiences to users. However, managing and optimizing WiFi services can be a complex undertaking. This is where a WiFi Service Management Platform comes into play. A WiFi Service Management Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to centralize, monitor, analyze, and enhance the performance of WiFi networks.

Olatech Solutions-North America offers platforms that encompass features around the globe such as network monitoring, performance optimization, access control, security, analytics, and provisioning.

Reduce Operational Expenses
WiFi service management solutions provide network analytics and reporting tools to optimize network performance, identify bottlenecks, and minimize downtime, leading to reduced operational costs.
Shorten Helpdesk Calls and Reduce Truck Rolls
WiFi service management solutions offer self-service capabilities, allowing end-users to troubleshoot basic issues independently. This reduces helpdesk call volumes and on-site visits, resulting in cost savings and improved operational efficiency.
Proactive Issue Resolution
WiFi service management solutions provide advanced monitoring and alerting to detect and address potential issues in real-time, minimizing downtime and improving user experience through proactive issue resolution.
Advanced Troubleshooting
WiFi service management solutions offer advanced troubleshooting tools and diagnostics, enabling remote access and analysis of network devices to expedite problem resolution, minimize on-site visits, and mitigate end-user impact.
Real-time visibility
WiFi service management solutions offer real-time visibility, allowing helpdesk agents to monitor Wi-Fi networks, view connected devices, and identify network issues for prompt problem resolution.
WiFi service management solutions leverage advanced algorithms for proactive optimization of Wi-Fi parameters, ensuring optimal network performance. Detailed KPI reporting enables quick identification of improvement opportunities. Additionally, with an extension, troubleshooting problems in the FWA gateways is also facilitated.
Device management
WiFi service management solutions offer an easy-to-use app for device management, allowing users to manage their network and services conveniently. The cloud platform facilitates operations for helpdesk and network teams. Furthermore, support for TR-369 (USP) enables the management of multi-vendor networks.
Cloud-based Platform
WiFi service management solutions offer a cloud-based platform, the Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller, empowering helpdesk agents and network operations teams with remote visibility, control, and troubleshooting capabilities for efficient issue resolution.
Multi Vendor Platform
WiFi service management platform, the Nokia WiFi Cloud Controller, provides network-wide control across multiple vendors. It supports TR-369 (USP) for seamless interoperability among various devices from different vendors.
Customer Care (Helpdesk)
Customer care teams handle customer inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and provide support for WiFi network-related problems.
Network Administrators
Network administrators are responsible for managing and maintaining the WiFi network infrastructure, including configuring network devices, monitoring performance, and ensuring network security.
On-site Technicians
On-site technicians are deployed to customer locations to handle physical installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of WiFi network equipment.
OTS NA’s Level 3 Support Team
Level 3 support team consists of highly skilled engineers who provide specialized technical support, complex issue resolution, and in-depth knowledge of OTS NA’s WiFi service management solutions.
Fixed Wireless Access Operations Team
Fixed wireless access operations team focuses on managing and optimizing fixed wireless access networks, including WiFi deployments, spectrum management, and performance monitoring.