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In today's technology-driven world, effective management of IT systems and infrastructure is crucial for the smooth operation and success of businesses. IT management services encompass a range of solutions and strategies that organizations employ to optimize their IT environment, streamline operations, and achieve business objectives. One key aspect of IT management is the proactive monitoring and maintenance of systems to ensure their optimal performance, security, and reliability.

OTS- NA provides expertise in implementing these processes, leveraging best practices, and utilizing ITSM tools and technologies to streamline operations, improve service quality, and enhance customer satisfaction across the globe.

Here is a brief overview of IT service management by OTS- NA:

Incident Management
Identifying, logging, prioritizing, and resolving incidents that affect business operations. Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions aims to minimize the impact of incidents and ensure efficient resolution.
Asset management
Asset inventory, tracking, maintenance, procurement, disposal, auditing, reporting, and integration capabilities with other IT systems. Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions help organizations track and manage their physical and digital assets.
Project Management
Task management, collaboration tools, resource allocation, budget tracking, and risk management capabilities. Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions provides a comprehensive project management software solution that facilitates project planning, execution, and monitoring.
Problem Management
Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions excels in problem management, swiftly identifying and resolving underlying issues to enhance service quality and prevent recurring incidents.
Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
Provides organizations with a centralized repository to manage and track IT assets, configurations, and relationships. Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions aids in maintaining accurate and up-to-date information, enabling efficient change management, impact analysis, and improved overall IT service delivery.
Service Catalog
Enabling organizations to define and publish a comprehensive catalog of IT services. Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions streamlines service requests, enhance transparency, and ensures alignment with business needs, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.
Change Management
Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions offers a highly effective Change Management software solution designed to streamline and control changes in the IT environment. With advanced features for change planning, impact analysis, and approval workflows, organizations can ensure smooth transitions and minimize disruptions.
Self-service Portal
Empowers users to efficiently access and manage their requests, enhancing transparency and reducing response times. Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions offers a user-friendly Self-Service Portal that enables end users to easily create service requests while providing real-time updates on ticket progress and approvals.
Knowledge Base
Empower end users with Epiphany CareIT's Knowledge Base, enabling them to resolve repeat incidents independently. Reduce service desk workload and response times while promoting self-service.
Native Mobile Apps
Allow users to access and manage their service desk on the go, ensuring flexibility and convenience. Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions provides native mobile apps available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.
Active Directory User Self-Service
Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions offers Active Directory User Self-Service functionality, empowering end users to perform password resets, account unlocks, and updates directly from the service desk portal.
Help Desk Mobile Apps
Stay connected and receive support on the go with Epiphany CareIT's Help Desk Mobile Apps—access ticket management, collaboration tools, and support features conveniently from your mobile devices.
Business Rules
Automate actions based on predefined criteria for incoming requests, simplifying incident management and improving efficiency. Experience seamless incident handling and increased productivity with Epiphany CareIT's intuitive Business Rules functionality.
Tech Auto-Assign
Automate ticket assignment based on technician availability using round-robin or load-balancing methods. Experience optimized workload management and streamlined support processes with Epiphany CareIT's intuitive Tech Auto-Assign functionality.
Smart Notifications
Stay informed throughout the ticketed journey with Epiphany CareIT's Smart Notifications. Custom email and SMS alerts keep IT technicians and end users updated on ticket status and changes.
SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and Escalations
Ensure prompt service delivery and incident resolution with Epiphany CareIT's customizable SLAs and proactive multi-level escalations. Define specific SLA parameters and escalation workflows to meet organizational needs and prioritize critical issues.
Preventive Maintenance Tasks
Automate preventive maintenance tasks with Epiphany CareIT's scheduled request creation. Ensure timely and proactive maintenance activities for streamlined operations.
Email to Ticket
Automatically converts email requests and incidents into tickets with Epiphany CareIT's Email to Ticket feature. Streamline ticket creation and routing, improving response times and efficiency.
Request life cycle
Effortlessly design the ticket life cycle using Epiphany CareIT's intuitive drag-and-drop canvas. Streamline ticket management and visualize ticket progression for enhanced process efficiency.
Visual Change Workflows
Effortlessly design change workflows with Epiphany CareIT's intuitive drag-and-drop canvas, streamlining change management and visualizing workflow stages and actions.
Data Archiving
Efficiently preserves data and declutter your IT help desk with Epiphany CareIT's automated data archiving—schedule periodic archiving to retain important information while maintaining an organized help desk environment.
Problem Life Cycle
OTS NA designs problem life cycles with Epiphany CareIT's intuitive drag-and-drop canvas. Optimize IT problem-solving processes and streamline problem management for improved efficiency.
Asset Life Cycle
Efficiently manages asset life cycles with Epiphany CareIT's intuitive drag-and-drop canvas. Standardize asset management practices across the enterprise for improved efficiency and optimal utilization.
Safely test and deploy changes to ITSM automation and workflows with Epiphany CareIT's sandbox environment. Ensure error-free deployments and optimize your ITSM processes without impacting the production environment.
Fine-grained Authorizations
Grant users precise view and access permissions to requests, problems, changes, contracts, assets, solutions, and reports with Epiphany CareIT's fine-grained authorizations. Ensure data security and compliance while maintaining control and privacy within your organization.
Multi-site Support
Effortlessly manages multiple sites with custom workflows and configurations using Epiphany CareIT's multi-site support. Streamline operations and ensure tailored management from a central service desk console.
Service Desk Scheduler
Efficiently manage requests, tasks, time off, and reminders with Epiphany CareIT's service desk scheduler. Streamline scheduling and enhance productivity through a centralized calendar for service desk operations.
Custom Request Templates
Effortlessly create and publish custom request templates with Epiphany CareIT's intuitive interface. Streamline request management with associated workflows, tasks, and approvals for enhanced efficiency and consistency.
Custom Actions
Effortlessly define and invoke custom actions, including tasks, webhooks, notifications, and more, throughout the request life cycle with Epiphany CareIT's flexible solution. Enhance automation and tailor workflows to meet specific requirements for streamlined operations.
IT Asset Discovery
Effortlessly imports asset information into your service desk with Epiphany CareIT's IT Asset Discovery. Utilize multiple scanning techniques for streamlined asset management and improved accuracy.
IT Asset Tracking
Effortlessly tracks IT assets with Epiphany CareIT's automated scanning capabilities. Schedule periodic scans to stay updated on network changes and track hardware/software updates for effective asset management.
Software Asset Management
Efficiently manages software assets throughout their lifecycle with Epiphany CareIT's comprehensive Software Asset Management solution. Streamline purchasing, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal for optimized software asset management processes.
Software License Management
Effortlessly manages software licenses with Epiphany CareIT's comprehensive License Management solution. Identify unused licenses, plan future purchases, and ensure compliance for optimized license utilization and cost savings.
Inventory Catalog
Effortlessly build and categorize your IT product catalog with Epiphany CareIT's Inventory Catalog feature. Streamline inventory management, simplify tracking, and enhance organization for efficient IT asset management.
Unified Agent for Asset Discovery
Effortlessly discover and manage your IT asset landscape with Epiphany CareIT's unified agent. Enhance asset discovery and IT asset management (ITAM) capabilities for improved visibility and control.
Asset Replenishment
Effortlessly manages asset inventory with Epiphany CareIT's Asset Replenishment feature. Receive automated notifications for low stock levels, ensuring proactive stock management and preventing stockouts.
IT Operations Management
OTS NA effortlessly manages IT operations with Epiphany CareIT's seamless integration with native and third-party ITOM tools. Enhance visibility, monitor networks, and detect anomalies for streamlined IT operations management.
Privileged Access Management
Enhance privileged access management with Epiphany CareIT's Password Manager Pro integration. OTS NA enforces strict authentication processes for remote sessions from the service desk, ensuring maximum compliance and strengthened security measures.
Advanced Analytics
OTS NA unlocks data-driven insights from your IT help desk with Epiphany CareIT's advanced analytics. Create insightful reports and dashboards using a simple drag-and-drop interface; no coding is required.
Network Monitoring Management
OTS NA converts network alerts into service desk tickets with Epiphany CareIT's OpManager Plus integration. Streamline network monitoring and notify technicians about network outages or alarms for prompt issue resolution.
OTS NA efficiently manages and monitors networks, devices, and Active Directory within your IT help desk using Epiphany CareIT's 360° ITSM approach. Streamline IT management processes and enhance operational efficiency with a centralized platform.
Cloud-based performance monitoring
OTS NA monitors the performance of your cloud infrastructure with Epiphany CareIT's integration with its helpdesk. Proactively track server issues, optimize performance, and ensure smooth operations for your organization.
Higher Education
Manages IT infrastructure and delivers exceptional IT services to higher education stakeholders with Epiphany CareIT's smart automation and powerful workflows. OTS NA optimizes IT operations, enhances service delivery, and streamlines IT management for students, faculty, and alumni.
Support employees and citizens with Epiphany CareIT's cost-effective IT service solutions for government organizations. OTS NA delivers a robust IT service experience while operating within budget constraints, enhancing productivity and satisfaction.
OTS NA governs your K-12 school district's IT ecosystem with Epiphany CareIT's smart ITSM capabilities. Streamline service delivery, enhance IT operations, and deliver an improved classroom experience for students and educators.
OTS NA enhances the customer experience in retail with Epiphany CareIT's digitized and automated ITSM workflows. Streamline operations, optimize service delivery, and provide efficient customer support for improved satisfaction and loyalty.
For hotels and restaurants
OTS NA establishes a high standard of service delivery in hotels and restaurants with Epiphany CareIT's comprehensive IT service management solutions. Enhance employee productivity and provide exceptional guest experiences through streamlined IT operations and efficient service desk management.
Epiphany CareIT Software Solution provides enterprises with a scalable, full-stack service management platform, enabling them to establish robust, enterprise-class ITSM practices.
Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions offers industry-ready IT service desk solutions to boost your NGO's IT productivity. With OTS NA's innovative software, you can make a big positive impact on the world while efficiently managing your IT operations.
Banks and Financial Institutions
Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions offers scalable ITSM workflows for banks and financial institutions, ensuring efficient IT infrastructure management, regulatory compliance, and consistent service delivery to employees.
Manufacturing Companies
Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions empowers manufacturing companies with a robust ITSM foundation, driving rapid issue resolution and delivering top-notch service for enhanced manufacturing outcomes.
Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions offers a robust, secure service management platform, ensuring dependable healthcare services for doctors, nurses, and staff with a focus on safety and effectiveness.