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Are you Planning to establish Policy management?

In today's complex and highly regulated business environment, organizations must establish and enforce policies and procedures to ensure compliance, mitigate risks, and maintain operational efficiency. However, managing policies and keeping them up-to-date can be a daunting task. This is where policy management software comes into play. Policy management software is a powerful solution designed to simplify and streamline the entire policy lifecycle, from creation and distribution to tracking and updates.

Policy Management Software

  • 1 . Integrates with Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online, allowing for streamlined policy lifecycle management. With features like Word Online integration, Outlook/Teams plugins, and Active Directory integration, it simplifies policy creation, collaboration, and user management.
  • 2 . Simplifies policy and procedure drafting by providing standardized templates within Microsoft 365 SharePoint. Utilize Word Online and plug-ins for collaborative drafting, version control, audit trails, and integration of policy management metadata.
  • 3 . Features structured workflows with clear roles and a complete audit trail, ensuring effective policy document review. It also automates notifications for employee awareness upon document publication.
  • 4 . Automates reviewer and approver assignments while implementing structured processes for handling document changes. It tracks comments and approvals and maintains a complete audit trail for a transparent review and approval workflow.
  • 5 . Automates alerts for document renewals, enabling easy revision and renewal. It provides a clear audit trail, distinguishes active from expired documents, and sends automated notifications upon publishing revised documents.
  • 6 . Tracks all activity during policy drafting, reviewing, and approval, providing a structured audit trail for easier reporting during audits. It maintains a clear document version history for employee access and simplifies tracking in the event of an audit.
  • 7 . Acts as a centralized policy library, enabling employees to quickly access relevant documents based on their roles. It provides automatic alerts for new policy or procedure versions, ensuring employees stay updated.
  • 8 . Utilizes Microsoft 365 SharePoint and email integration to assign and track document acknowledgments, including quizzes for comprehension. Automated alerts, compliance tracking, and audit-ready reporting enhance efficiency and accountability.
  • 9 . Provides a seamless installation as a SharePoint App, with dedicated implementation support for business process understanding, deployment, training, and document migration. Enjoy a quick go-live, unlimited access to support, documentation, videos, and on-demand training after implementation. Request a demo to explore its features further.

Epiphany Policy Management Software enables real-time policy enforcement based on services, applications, resources, subscriber profiles, and SLAs, ensuring QoS and bandwidth allocation. OTS-NA allows service providers to launch service plans with service-level definitions managed by the software. Subscribers can have multiple additional subscriptions, and the software supports the creation, modification, and deletion of services. Epiphany Policy Management System supports RADIUS on IPv4 and IPv6 for both post-paid and pre-paid customer access. It provides a comprehensive solution for policy management, QoS enforcement, and subscriber service control.

  • 1 . Smart Data Cap Plans: Policy Management System offers smart data cap plans with different pricing based on customer segments, including Fair Usage. Fair Usage includes features like bandwidth throttling, notifications at usage thresholds, and the ability to redirect to the Self-Care Portal for plan modifications. Epiphany provides an effective solution for managing data usage, ensuring fair allocation, and empowering subscribers to make changes as needed.
  • 2 . Policy Manager Gateway Module: Policy Manager Gateway module handles instances, clients, and subscriber licenses, ensuring efficient management. The Epiphany Policy Management Tool allows operators to integrate with multiple network clients and create multiple instances to handle the traffic. This flexibility enables seamless integration, scalability, and effective traffic management for the operator.
  • 3 . Policy Engine: Policy Engine allows service providers to customize and manage subscriber experiences by considering various dimensions of subscriber and network behavior, including location, service, plan, applications/services, and network elements. Our company integrates with the Service Provider Ecosystem, the Policy Engine of Epiphany Policy Manager supports multiple adapters, including RADIUS and WebServices (Rest APIs), enabling integration with systems such as Charging, Billing, AAA, BNG, and more.
  • 4 . Proven IoT with leading gateway vendors: Epiphany Policy Management Tool is compatible with top-tier IoT gateway vendors, ensuring seamless integration and interoperability. Its compatibility enables efficient management and control of IoT devices, enhancing the overall functionality and performance of IoT deployments.
  • 5 . Used-case Support and Compliance of 3GPP Standards: Provides advanced use case support and ensures compliance with 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project) standards. Enables service providers to handle complex use cases and maintain compatibility with industry standards for seamless interoperability.
  • 6 . Highly Scalable and Flexible Architecture: Boasts a highly scalable and flexible architecture, allowing it to adapt and grow with the needs of service providers. With its scalable design, our company can handle increasing workloads and accommodate expanding subscriber bases. Its flexibility enables customization and integration with existing systems, ensuring efficient operations and future-proofing capabilities.
  • 7 . Low TCO compared to other known Policy Manager Solutions: Offers a low total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to other well-known policy manager solutions. Through its efficient design and streamlined operations, the tool minimizes infrastructure costs and resource utilization. With its cost-effective approach, Epiphany Policy Management Tool provides an affordable solution without compromising on performance or functionality
  • 8 . Enhanced Experience through User Interface: Delivers an enhanced user experience through its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The user interface is designed to streamline policy management tasks, making them more efficient and user-friendly. With enhanced user experience, operators can easily navigate and interact with the tool, improving productivity and overall user satisfaction.
  • 9 . Single Platform for Multiple Networks : Serves as a single platform for managing multiple networks. It provides a centralized solution for policy management across diverse network environments. By consolidating policy control functionalities, the tool simplifies operations, improves efficiency, and enables the management of multiple networks from a unified interface
  • 10 . Concurrency Management: Incorporates effective concurrency management capabilities. Our company ensures efficient handling of concurrent processes and resource allocation. By managing concurrency effectively, the tool optimizes system performance, improves responsiveness, and prevents resource conflicts, resulting in smooth operations and enhanced user experience.
  • 11 . Fair Usage Policy (FUP): Ensures equitable usage of network resources among subscribers. It includes usage limits and measures such as bandwidth throttling to maintain fair access for all users. Includes notifications to inform subscribers about their usage levels and promote transparency in service utilization.
  • 12 . Shared Wallet : Establishes rules and policies for how the shared wallet is distributed and utilized, such as data usage caps, time limits, or fair distribution algorithms. Allows for efficient resource allocation, cost-sharing, and control within the policy management system, providing flexibility and optimization for shared resource usage.
  • 13 . Bandwidth on Demand : Enables subscribers to dynamically adjust their allocated bandwidth as needed. Subscribers can increase or decrease their bandwidth allocation in real time based on their specific requirements or usage patterns. Allows for the efficient utilization of network resources and ensures that subscribers have the necessary bandwidth when they need it, enhancing their overall experience.
  • 14 . Analytics :Collects, processes, and analyzes data related to network usage, subscriber behavior, and policy enforcement. Gains valuable insights into network performance, subscriber trends, and policy effectiveness. These insights can be used to optimize policy decisions, improve resource allocation, identify potential issues, and enhance the overall efficiency and quality of service provided to subscribers.
  • 15 . A Multi-dimensional Approach : Creates a profitable and innovative platform for service providers. Involves customizable service offerings, diverse monetization strategies, and real-time analytics for insights-driven decision-making. Integration with partner ecosystems further enhances operational efficiency and improves the overall customer experience
  • 16 . Parental Control: Enables parents to set restrictions and manage access to content or services for their children, ensuring a safer online experience. Through rule-based policies, parents can filter or block specific websites, applications, or content categories based on their desired level of control and protection.
  • 17 . Time-based plans : Epiphany offers subscribers access to services for specific durations, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, regardless of data usage. Our company enforces these time-based restrictions, providing a flexible billing model and ensuring subscribers can enjoy services within the designated time frame.
  • 18 . Tiered Services: Enables service providers to offer different levels of service with varying features and costs. Our company allows providers to define and enforce policies for each tier, ensuring a customizable and scalable approach to meet the diverse needs of subscribers.
  • 19 . Volume on Demand: This enables subscribers to dynamically adjust their allocated data volume in real-time based on their immediate needs. Enhances flexibility, optimizes resource utilization, and improves the overall data consumption experience for subscribers.
  • 20 . Multiple Plan Association: Supports multiple plan associations, enabling subscribers to simultaneously subscribe to and manage multiple service plans. Our company allows for customized service combinations, better resource utilization, and enhanced subscriber satisfaction within the policy management system.