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Why OTS-NA’s SAP Managed Services is Important for your Business?

Businesses facing challenges in managing mission-critical SAP applications turn to SAP-managed services partners for support. These experts handle maintenance, customization, and integration with other applications, streamlining processes, reducing costs, and ensuring smooth operations. With a dedicated team of skilled SAP experts, companies achieve their business goals efficiently through continuous improvements and collaborative relationships with internal IT teams. The use of a RACI matrix clarifies responsibilities and enhances overall efficiency in SAP management.

Importance of SAP Managed Services:

  • 1 . Enable companies to focus on core IT activities and business support, relieving them of the burden of managing SAP applications.
  • 2 . Proactive monitoring ensures the health, integrity, and availability of SAP applications.
  • 3 . Collaborate with companies to develop strategies for optimizing SAP systems, considering specific needs and budget constraints.
  • 4 . Inadequate SAP technical skills can lead to wasted working hours and increased costs, emphasizing the need for expert support.
  • 5 . Assist in monitoring SAP systems, eliminating the need for additional IT staff and minimizing interruptions in business operations.
  • 6 . Reliable IT infrastructure and expertise contribute to consistent, fast, and reliable SAP system performance, allowing employees to focus on their daily tasks.
  • 7 . Stability, reliability, and agility are critical requirements for companies operating SAP in their IT environment, allowing them to efficiently undertake new projects.
  • 8 . Ongoing activities related to SAP operations necessitate continuous improvement, which is challenging for companies with limited internal IT manpower due to business demands and IT projects.

Specific attributes and capabilities to ensure the best possible support for SAP applications:

  • 1 . SAP-Certified Experts: A reliable SAP Managed Services partner must have a team of certified experts with extensive SAP knowledge and experience. They handle maintenance, support, upgrades and customization effectively.
  • 2 . Excellent Operational Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are vital in defining the quality and responsiveness of SAP Managed Services. Companies seek clear and well-defined SLAs, covering response times, incident resolution, system uptime, and other critical metrics.
  • 3 . Guaranteed Uptime: High system availability is crucial for mission-critical SAP applications. A dependable SAP Managed Services partner should guarantee uptime, ensuring the SAP systems are always operational.
  • 4 . Years of Experience Managing SAP Applications: SAP Managed Services partners with extensive experience in successfully managing SAP applications across industries are preferred by companies. Their proven track record showcases their ability to handle challenges and deliver effective solutions.
  • 5 . High Customer Satisfaction Levels: Customer satisfaction is a crucial indicator of a reputable SAP Managed Services partner. Seek partners with positive feedback from clients, as it reflects their ability to meet expectations and deliver excellent support.
  • 6 . Flexible Services to Meet Company Needs and Budget : An ideal SAP Managed Services partner should provide flexible service packages tailored to each company's unique requirements. This includes various support tiers, scalability options, and the ability to adapt to changing service needs as the business grows.

OTS-NA‘s SAP Managed Services encompass a wide range of services to effectively manage and support SAP applications :

  • 1 . SAP Hosting: Include hosting on dedicated servers or cloud infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and availability.
  • 2 . SAP Basis Support : Involves managing the fundamental technical aspects including system administration, monitoring, performance tuning, and security.
  • 3 . SAP Managed Security : Focuses on implementing security measures, and managing access controls to protect against potential threats.
  • 4 . Hosted SAP HANA: Hosting and management services for SAP HANA databases, enabling companies to the power of in-memory computing.
  • 5 . SAP Remote Managed Hosting and Services: Remote management allows companies to access from a remote location, providing flexibility and scalability.
  • 6 . Database Administration: Involves managing and maintaining the underlying databases that support SAP applications.
  • 7 . Installs, Upgrades, and Enhancements: Can handle SAP system installations, upgrades to newer versions, and implementing enhancements to meet evolving business needs.
  • 8 . Incident, Problem, and Change Management: Takes responsibility for managing and resolving incidents and problems related to SAP systems and handling change requests.
  • 9 . Capacity Planning: Assist in capacity planning to ensure SAP systems have sufficient resources to meet growing demands.
  • 10 . Operating System Administration: Involves managing the operating systems that SAP applications run on, ensuring they are properly configured and maintained.
  • 11 . Infrastructure Management: Include managing the overall infrastructure, including servers, storage, and networking, to support SAP applications effectively.
  • 12 . SAP Service Delivery Management: Ensures that all services are delivered efficiently and meet agreed-upon service levels.
  • 13 . Premium Services: Provide the highest level of support and expertise for critical SAP environments.
  • 14 . Hypercare Services:Intensive support during the go-live phase of implementation to address any immediate issues and ensure a smooth transition.
  • 15 . Service Level Reporting: Regular reporting on service performance and adherence to SLAs.
  • 16 . Single Source Management: A single point of contact for all communication and accountability.
  • 17 . Value-Add Services:Additional services aimed at optimizing and adding value to the business.
  • 18 . SAP Maintenance Support:Ongoing support to resolve issues and provide assistance as needed.
  • 19 . SAP Early Watch Alerts:Proactive monitoring and alerts for potential issues.
  • 20 . SAP Application Managed Services (AMS): Comprehensive support including application support, testing, optimization, and small changes.
  • 21 . SAP Roll-Outs: Expanding SAP implementation to additional locations or subsidiaries.
  • 22 . SAP Upgrades: Upgrading systems to newer versions or releases.
  • 23 . New SAP Applications:Implementing and managing newly developed SAP applications.
  • 24 . SAP Security:Comprehensive security services covering strategy, assessment, and management to safeguard SAP systems.

OTS-NA's Managed Services offer a skilled team to manage and support your IT infrastructure and applications. We provide expertise for skill gaps and flexible staffing for project timelines. Our qualified and certified resources ensure a resilient technology infrastructure that aligns with your business needs. Our Professional Technology Services include consulting, deployment, design, customization, and audit processes for cost-efficient technology upgrades.