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Network monitoring is the ongoing process of observing and managing computer networks to ensure their smooth operation, detect and resolve issues promptly, enhance security measures, optimize resource allocation, and deliver reliable services to users. It gives administrators valuable insights into network performance, aiding in proactive problem-solving and maintaining a stable and secure network environment.

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Network Performance Monitoring
Our network performance monitoring software, Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions, offers comprehensive tools and analytics to monitor and optimize network performance. It enables proactive identification of bottlenecks, congestion, and failures, ensuring reliable connectivity and minimizing downtime. With Epiphany CareIT, you can enhance network security, optimize resource allocation, and deliver high-quality services to users.
Router Monitoring
Router Monitoring involves real-time monitoring of router performance, availability, and security. They provide alerting and notifications to address issues promptly. These services optimize router performance, manage configurations, and ensure compliance with security policies. They offer reporting and analytics for network insights and assist in troubleshooting.
Switch Monitoring
Switch monitoring involves real-time monitoring, alerting, and performance optimization of network switches. These services ensure the availability, performance, and security of switches within an organization. They include features such as security monitoring, configuration management, reporting, and troubleshooting support.
WAN RTT (Round-Trip Time) monitoring
WAN RTT (Round-Trip Time) monitoring services offered focus on continuously monitoring the performance and latency of Wide Area Network (WAN) connections. These services analyze the round-trip time between network endpoints, measure latency, and track performance metrics.
VoIP Monitoring
VoIP monitoring services provided focus on monitoring and managing the performance, quality, and security of VoIP communications. These services include real-time monitoring of call quality metrics, performance optimization, alerting and notifications for quality issues, troubleshooting, and diagnostics tools, reporting and analytics on call quality and trends, and security monitoring for potential threats. By utilizing VoIP monitoring services, organizations can ensure optimal call quality, address issues promptly, and maintain a secure and reliable VoIP communication environment.
Network mapping
Network mapping services involve discovering and visualizing network infrastructure, creating device inventories, and mapping physical and logical connections. These services provide real-time monitoring, dependency mapping, and documentation features. Network mapping services offer insights for troubleshooting and planning.
Server Monitoring
Server monitoring services involve real-time monitoring, alerting, and management of server performance, availability, and security. They optimize resource utilization, ensure server availability, and provide incident management. Reports and analytics are generated for informed decision-making.
VMware monitoring
VMware monitoring services provide real-time monitoring, performance optimization, alerting, capacity planning, VM health monitoring, configuration management, reporting, and integration capabilities. These services ensure optimal performance and availability of VMware virtualization environments.
Hyper-V monitoring
Hyper-V monitoring services involve real-time monitoring, performance optimization, alerting, capacity planning, VM health monitoring, configuration management, reporting, and integration capabilities. These services ensure optimal performance and availability of Hyper-V virtualization environments.
Citrix Hypervisor Monitoring
Citrix Hypervisor monitoring services offer comprehensive solutions for real-time monitoring, performance optimization, alerting, capacity planning, VM health monitoring, configuration management, and detailed reporting. These services ensure the optimal performance and smooth operation of Citrix Hypervisor environments.
Process Monitoring
Process monitoring offers real-time monitoring, performance optimization, alerting, resource utilization tracking, incident management, reporting, analytics, and integration capabilities. These services ensure efficient operation, timely issue identification, and optimal resource allocation for critical processes
System Health Monitoring
Utilizes SNMP, WMI, and CLI protocols to monitor system resources and gather performance data for efficient network and IT infrastructure management.
Email and SMS Alerting
Facilitates real-time email and SMS alerts, ensuring users receive instant notifications about network issues. This allows for quick response and resolution, keeping users informed even when they're on the move.
IT Workflow Automation
Simplifies and streamlines the process of troubleshooting network faults and performing ongoing maintenance tasks. By orchestrating and automating first-level steps, it enhances efficiency, reduces manual effort, and improves overall network management.
Root Cause Analysis
Provides a centralized platform to accelerate the identification of network faults. It enables the visualization, analysis, and correlation of multiple performance monitors, aiding in quick fault identification and resolution. This enhances network troubleshooting efficiency and improves overall network performance.
Network Performance Reporting
Provides an in-depth analysis of network availability, usage trends, and performance. These reports offer valuable insights into the network's performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making, optimization of resources, and proactive troubleshooting to enhance overall network performance.
Syslog Monitoring
Our company enables efficient monitoring of critical events, system errors, and security breaches. By configuring specific rules, timely alerts are generated, facilitating proactive response and effective troubleshooting.
Network Monitoring Tools
Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions, a comprehensive network monitoring solution, offers a collection of tools for performing first and second-level troubleshooting tasks. These tools include network device discovery, real-time monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, configuration management, network mapping, alerting, and reporting. Together, our company provides administrators with the necessary capabilities to effectively monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain their network infrastructure.
Storage Raid Management
Epiphany CareIT’s storage RAID management feature provides in-depth insights into the capacity, performance, and configuration of RAID controller devices, enabling efficient storage monitoring and optimization. Our company ensures reliable data storage and streamlined management of RAID arrays.
Tape Library Management
Epiphany CareIT’s tape library management feature monitors tape libraries for various status parameters, allowing the detection of fault conditions and generating alarms. Our company ensures proactive monitoring and timely response to issues related to tape libraries, improving overall data backup and storage management.
Storage Capacity Forecasting
Epiphany CareIT’s storage capacity forecasting analyzes usage trends to generate reports on future traffic utilization, aiding in proactive planning and resource optimization. Our company helps administrators prevent bottlenecks and efficiently manage storage capacity for future needs.
Fabric Switch Management
Fabric switch management feature automatically discovers fabric switches in your Storage Area Network (SAN) environment. It generates alarms to notify administrators whenever there is a change in the state of the switches, enabling quick detection and response to any potential issues or changes in the SAN fabric. This ensures smooth operation and optimal performance of the SAN infrastructure.
Precise forecasting with reports
Precise forecasting and comprehensive reports accurately predict resource crunch situations, enabling proactive resource management to prevent network resource exhaustion. This ensures uninterrupted network performance and minimizes downtime.
Performance trend forecasting
Performance trend forecasting feature identifies usage trends, enabling proactive preparation for incoming traffic or resource surges. This optimizes network performance and ensures smooth operations during peak periods by facilitating proactive resource allocation and capacity planning.
Adaptive Thresholds
Adaptive thresholds leverage machine learning to learn utilization patterns and generate precise forecast values for threshold configurations. This enhances proactive monitoring, improves anomaly detection, and enables efficient resource management for optimal network performance.
3D Data Center Floor
3D Data Center Floor feature creates a detailed 3D replica of your data center with real-time device status updates. It improves visualization, capacity planning, and resource management for effective data center operations.
Systems Management
Epiphany Software Solutions provides proactive monitoring of IT systems, including routers, switches, servers (both physical and virtual), load balancers, and more. It offers comprehensive visibility into the health and performance of these systems, allowing administrators to detect issues, troubleshoot problems, and ensure the smooth operation of the entire IT infrastructure.
Data Center Management
Epiphany CareIT’s integrated data center management feature enables proactive monitoring of servers, applications, and bandwidth from a single console, simplifying operations and ensuring optimal performance. It provides a centralized view for efficient management and improved data center performance.
Network Traffic Analysis
Epiphany CareIT’s network traffic analysis feature allows real-time tracking of network bandwidth usage. It provides insights into the top users of bandwidth, enabling administrators to prioritize business-critical applications and optimize network performance. This ensures efficient utilization of bandwidth resources and enhances overall network performance and user experience.
Network Configuration Management
Network configuration management feature schedules backups, compares configuration versions and tracks real-time changes through Syslog messages. It streamlines configuration management, enhances troubleshooting, and ensures network integrity and compliance.
Switch Port and IP Address Management
Switch port and IP address management feature provides visibility into IP address availability and maps switch ports to devices, enabling efficient troubleshooting and device tracking in the network. It streamlines network management and enhances overall operational efficiency.
Firewall Log Management
Epiphany CareIT’s firewall log management feature maximizes the value of firewall log data for network security. It provides crucial information through security, compliance, and bandwidth reports, enhancing security measures and optimizing network performance.
Application Performance Management
Epiphany CareIT Software’s Solutions’ application performance management monitors applications across diverse environments, ensuring optimal performance and meeting end-user expectations. It provides real-time insights for proactive troubleshooting and optimization, enhancing business productivity and user experience.
Distributed Network Monitoring
Our company enables distributed network monitoring, providing visibility into the performance and availability of resources across branch offices or data centres. It ensures proactive management and uninterrupted operations for a robust network infrastructure.
Enterprise Network Monitoring
Epiphany CareIT Software Solutions offers an enterprise network monitoring solution with a unified console for distributed infrastructure, capable of scaling to monitor over 30,000 devices or 50,000 interfaces. It provides comprehensive network visibility and streamlined management for optimal performance and monitoring of large-scale networks.
Scalability in Enterprise Monitoring
Probe-Central architecture enables seamless scalability in enterprise monitoring. As an enterprise grows and expands, the architecture allows for the addition of probes to efficiently handle increased monitoring requirements, ensuring that the monitoring system can easily scale to meet the evolving needs of the organization.
Remote Network Monitoring
Epiphany CareIT establishes secure and reliable communication between the central and probe servers in remote sites, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of network monitoring data. This enables effective remote network monitoring while maintaining data security.
Discovery Rule Engine
Epiphany CareIT’s Discovery Rule Engine automates device configuration by automatically associating performance monitors, notification profiles, and more during initial discovery. This speeds up the configuration process, reduces manual effort, and ensures consistent and efficient monitoring of network devices.
Monitoring Templates
Monitoring Templates feature includes "Device Templates" with pre-defined monitoring parameters and intervals for specific device types. This streamlines device monitoring configuration, ensuring consistency and efficiency throughout the network infrastructure.